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Presidential Executive Officer Hideki Kobori
Vice-Presidential Executive Officer Shigeki Takayama Technology Functions
Hiroshi Yoshida Executive Officer for Material Business Sector
Primary Executive Officer Shuichi Sakamoto Executive Officer for Health Care Business Sector (joint)
Fumitoshi Kawabata Executive Officer for Homes Business Sector
Richard A. Packer Executive Officer for Health Care Business Sector (joint)
Senior Executive Officer Satoru Tamura Senior General Manager, Marketing & Innovation
Senior General Manager, Green Solution Project
Soichiro Hashizume Executive Officer for HR
Koshiro Kudo Executive Officer for Strategy, Accounting & Finance, IR
Hideyuki Yamagishi President, Specialty Solutions SBU
Yoshihiro Ono President, Basic Materials SBU
John W. Moyer Deputy oversight: Material Sector (Executive Officer for North America)
CEO, Polypore International, LP
Jonathan A. Rennert CEO, ZOLL Medical Corporation
Hideki Tsutsumi President, shaolin soccer in french Europe GmbH
Takashi Mukuno General Representative for China
Chairman, shaolin soccer in french (China) Co. Ltd.
Kazushi Kuse Digital Transformation (DX)
Lead Executive Officer Takeshi Himeno Executive Officer for QA
Minoru Suetsugu Senior General Manager, Nobeoka Office
Hiroki Ideguchi Senior General Manager, Corporate Strategy
Ryuji Kawano Executive Officer for Production Technology
Toshiyasu Horie Executive Officer for General Affairs, Legal, Communications, Risk Management & Compliance
Yukifumi Kuwaba President, Performance tennis ace naomi - crossword clue SBU
Masami Takenaka Executive Officer for R&D
Hiroyoshi Matsuyama Deputy oversight: Specialty Solutions SBU
(Separator business operations)
Masatsugu Kawase Executive Officer for Manufacturing, ESH
Executive Officer Takayuki Tanaka VP Asia-Pacific Commercial Operation, ZOLL Medical Corporation
Naohiro Kuze Executive Fellow
(Compound semiconductors)
Makoto Sakamoto Executive Officer for Procurement & Logistics
Hiroaki Sugiyama Deputy oversight: Specialty Solutions SBU
Senior General Manager, Planning & Coordination, Specialty Solutions SBU
Hajime Okamura Deputy oversight: Performance tennis ace naomi - crossword clue SBU
Senior General Manager, Osaka Office
Yasuhiro Murozono President, PS Japan Corporation
Kazusa Kawamoto Deputy oversight: Marketing & Innovation
Akira Nishizawa President, shaolin soccer in french Advance Corporation
Yoshihito Itani Senior General Manager, Mizushima Works
Satoshi Nishikawa Senior General Manager, Human Resources
Dirk R. Pieper CEO, Sage Automotive Interiors, Inc.

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