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Is Long-distance Running Really Important in Soccer Training?

Run from the start cone to the second cone and back three times (or 25-yard cones = up and back - 6 times) It is a total of 300 yards. You need to run this in 57 seconds (or 63 seconds for 25-yard cones). You will have one minutes to rest before running the next set. Take extra rest where indicated.

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Start with a basic warm up, couple of strides, get some rest and hit the 1600m time trial. To get your MAS you simply need to divide 1600m with your time in seconds. For example: 1600m time: 6 minutes [6×60 = 360sec] MAS = 1600 [m] / 360 [sec] MAS = 4.44 [m/s] Don’t be frightened by the math.

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The run is good for both forwards and midfielders. It’s just a simple way to elude a defender who’s over pressing you or over committing and too close to you. When you’re checking back to the soccer ball, and you see that the defender is too close to you, marking you tightly, break into the space behind them.

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On the Sports Fitness Advisor website, strength-and-conditioning specialist Phil Davies recommends fartlek running, a form of interval training developed in Sweden, for soccer-specific training. Run for 20 to 30 minutes at different paces, including sprints, slow jogs, backwards runs, walking and repeating new, random combinations.

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For me the soccer run is a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and the Fartlek run and combines the benefits of these training techniques. First of all it will make you a faster runner just as any other high intensity workout will.

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Soccer Fitness Drills. Fitness and conditioning is a critical piece of soccer as the entire game is that of continuous running mixed with a lot of short bursts of high tempo, high-intense sprints. For this reason, it is essential to focus on both anaerobic (short duration, high intensity) and aerobic (running long distances) fitness to get your players to match fitness levels.

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This soccer drill may seem complicated, however, once it is set up and performed a few times, players will learn the running patterns. SOCCER CONDITIONING DRILL SET UP. Place 2 cones in a straight line 10 - 15 m/yd apart. Place the 3rd cone in the center. Take another 2 cones and place them 10 - 15 m/yd to the right, creating 2 triangles with the cones.

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Players run the length of the field in 17-20 seconds (depending on the fitness level of the athlete), then use the remainder of the minute to walk the width of the penalty area (38 meters). Each rep is 1 minute, and it takes 2 minutes for one lap around the field, so 4×6 minutes is 4×3 laps.