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The objective of the game is to accumulate points each hole based on your score relative to par. In a typical Quota event, players receive: Bogey = 1 point. Par = 2 points. Birdie = 4 points. Eagle = 8 points. Unlike a Stableford or Modified Stableford event where players are simply accruing points, in Quota, players start with a point hurdle ...

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RELATED: The best golf games to play for twosomes, threesomes and foursomes At the end of the round, the player who finishes with the most points above their quota wins. The winner can earn a pre ...

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It's easy to play a Quota, or Point Quota, tournament in any team format in which each golfer on a side is playing their own golf ball throughout. Just figure the quota for each golfer on a side, then sum it all out at the end. For example, Player A finishes at +3, B at -6, C at +1 and D at +4. Add those up and the team score in this example is +2.

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Eagle: 8 points. Albatross: 16 points. This is all pretty standard. Things get exciting when you make a net birdie, which officially puts you on TILT. Your next hole is worth 2x the points, so a (net) par will earn you 4 points instead of 2. The same goes for the negative points. If you make (net) double or worse, you lose 8 points instead of 4.

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No Laying Up Podcast. A fresh, funny discussion of all things golf from the guys at No Laying Up. Episodes air twice a week and topics include tournament recaps, interviews, deep dive player profiles, golf travel, and more. Trap Draw Podcast. The No Laying Up collective chops it up with a wide variety of guests from all corners of the golf world, and more importantly, guests from the golf-adjacent world.

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The quota of points is determined by the following formula: 39 - Course Handicap As an example, a golfer with a 1 handicap would have a quota of 38 points, while a golfer with a 20 handicap would have a quota of 19. The minimum quota is 2 points, given to golfers with handicaps of 37 and above.

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The "Quota Game" seen on my scorecard is something I pulled from No Laying Up's Strapped. In order to make that work, I also created a separate sheet linked to this one to calculate my handicap using the pre-2020 formula.

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A closer analysis reveals that is not the case except in one instance. (For simplicity, eagles and double eagles have been excluded from the proof.) The Quota System is described by: Eq. 1) Q= 3∙ (X s + X n) + 2∙ (P s + P n) +1∙ (B s +B n) – (36-H) Where, Q= Quota Score. X s = Number of Birdies on stroke holes.

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This was to ensure that there are no sandbaggers. Since we play year round, the rolling average has worked well. Now everyone's Quota will go up from 1 to 5 points based upon the top 5 averages out of their last 10 rounds. Using the Quota system has made keeping the books and settling the weekly game pretty easy.....just time consuming.