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Spine Injuries in Soccer : Current Sports Medicine Reports

Lower-limb injuries are the most prevalent injuries in soccer. Spine injuries are less frequent; however, they can impose serious and debilitating sequelae on the athlete. These injuries can be associated with long recovery periods preventing return to play.

Football-Related Spine Injuries: Are We Ignoring a Dangerous ...

It also means emergency departments across the nation will see an influx of football-related spine injuries, according to a new study led by Houston Methodist orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Comron Saifi. Such injuries are more common and more serious than public perception might suggest, especially for kids and young adults ages 10 to 19.

Cervical spine injuries in American football

Less common and more serious an injury, cervical cord neuropraxia is the clinical manifestation of neuropraxia of the cervical spinal cord due to hyperextension, hyperflexion or axial loading. Recent data on American football suggest that approximately 0.2 per 100,000 participants at the high school level and 2 per 100,000 participants at the collegiate level are diagnosed with cervical cord neuropraxia.

Spine and axial skeleton injuries in the National Football ...

Other injuries that had a mean time missed greater than 30 days included (in descending order) cervical fracture (120 days/injury), cervical disc degeneration/herniation (85 days/injury), spinal cord injury (77 days/injury), lumbar disc degeneration/herniation (52 days/injury), thoracic fracture (34 days/injury), and thoracic nerve injury (30 days/injury).

Football (soccer)-related spinal cord injury—reported cases ...

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is defined as a reversible or irreversible damage to the spinal cord due to trauma, disease, or degeneration. Individuals with SCI have complex medical and rehabilitation ...

Soccer and Back Pain - Experienced and Unbiased Spine Care

Another common injury from heading the ball includes neck pain, secondary to neck sprain, and neck arthritis. In rare instances, you can get a neck disk herniation by the impact. During throw-in’s, the forces to the upper torso and core of the lower back can be stressed, leading to injury to the upper and lower back injury.

Rate of spine injuries related to football did not improve ...

Results showed no improvement in the number of spine injuries associated with football from 2010 to 2019, with a near significant trend for an increasing rate in cervical spine injuries.

Sports-related Neck Injury – Statistics, Symptoms and Treatments

Spearing is a significant cause of cervical spine injuries and quadriplegia. Cervical-spine injuries estimated to occur in 10-15% of all football players, most commonly in linemen and defensive players. Both past and present data show that the football helmet does not cause cervical spine injuries; rather poorly executed tackling and blocking techniques that are the major problem.

Low Back Pain in Young Athletes

Low back pain is estimated to occur in 10% to 15% of young athletes, 2 but the prevalence may be higher in certain sports. 2,4,8,10,18,24 Studies show that back pain occurs frequently in college football players (27%), artistic gymnasts (50%), and rhythmic gymnasts (86%). 8,10,18