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Open Stance Forehand - Ultimate Tennis Guide

Open Stance Forehand: Follow Through. At contact you want to ensure your hand is loose, this will allow for increased racquet head speed and for your racquet to naturally follow through, or finish the stroke, with your hitting hand finishing over your left shoulder or around shoulder level. Share Your Thoughts.

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Background: The open stance forehand has been hypothesized by tennis experts (coaches, scientists, and clinicians) to be more traumatic than the neutral stance forehand as regards hip injuries in tennis. However, the influence of the forehand stance (open or neutral) on hip kinematics and loading has not been assessed. Purpose: To compare the kinematics and kinetics at the hip joint during 3 common forehand stances (attacking neutral stance [ANS], attacking open stance [AOS], defensive open ...

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This stance is very similar to the neutral stance with the step forward on the forehand side. We use it mostly when we have to hit a ball that has bounced short and we want to move towards the net. place your feet, hips and shoulders sideways; move your bodyweight forward from your back leg to the front leg; step into the court with your back leg

Tennis Forehand Stances – Open vs Neutral Stance | Feel Tennis

An open stance forehand is good for dealing with fast incoming balls because it takes little time to prepare (you simply turn the upper body without moving your feet – or you just make a quick, short shuffle) and because you are not getting closer to the ball which would give you less time.

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Tennis Forehand Stances - Open vs Closed vs NeutralWhich tennis forehand stance is best? When should you use each forehand stance in tennis? Transform your f...

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In this video we will show and explain forehand open stance and 6 steps of progression to improve it. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our FB a...

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Open stance forehand. It is true that open stance forehands are widely used among the pro’s and have some major advantages over closed stance forehands. First, by playing from an open stance position you save one step when getting to the ball and additionaly you are able to hit the ball with more top spin.

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Forehand myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your forehands potential. Most players ...